Wednesday, April 2, 2008



- fine little day
- the orange red sky outside
- wollen scarves and fingerless gloves
- grid sketchpads
- tickets to see modest mouse and hot hot heat
- writing in lower case
- kimya dawson
- wrapping up in blankets with cups of tea
- fast internet
- weddings
- pretty dresses
- charcoal, grey and silver
- phone calls
- the kills, the mess hall and ryan adams
- taco nite
- running round the lake until i’m exhausted
- making mix tapes and cds for my family and friends
- getting money back from medicare
- riding bikes at night


- folds in my socks
- messages that you can’t decipher
- bitter wind
- servers crashing
- highlighters running out of ink
- paying bills
- condescending retail workers
- green cars
- getting caught in the rain
- bad reality tv addictions
- stephanie rice obsessions
- being disconnected from the world
- bendigo nightlife
- paper cuts
- doors that won't shut properly.

~ Sophie

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blog Love.

As much as I am a pretty bad cook, and tend to stick to the simplier drink recipes that I know, Becoming A Foodie is one of my fave blogs to look at and read. Beautiful photos and recipes I will eventually get around to reading someday.

- Sophie