Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blogs to love.

It's been a while since I've posted anything myself, but I have been following a few new (or recently discovered) blogs that you should have a look at too. All local goodness (That's around the Ballarat area, for any readers not in the B-rat).

Click on the images to check them out.

Anthony Woodward Comics

Love Again


Southerly Posts

- Sophie

Back to it.

Well, this is a half-hearted attempt at starting up my blog again.

This could be anything from silly little tidbits from my quite mundane life, to happenings around Ballarat and region that I think are worthwhile a mention or two, to just posts full of images that inspire, excite, horrify or amuse.

A few things from my last post (quite some time ago) :

- I got into my teaching course, a Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) - Double Arts Methods at the University of Ballarat. Which means I'm going to be a crazy art teacher. Awesome.

- Christmas, New Years, Summer Adventures. Now for Birthday, Festivals and a lot of work until I go back to uni (Things are going to get hectic).

- New friends, new inspirations and obsessions. Keep tuned to this blog for more info.

This will be my blog from now on : don't expect anything ground-breaking, but hopefully something interesting every so often.

- Sophie