Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Jobs that I have worked in my life (up to now) :

1. Basketball Umpire
2. Canteen Retail
3. Toyworld "Fun time expert"
4. Tomato packer/sorter
5. Visual Merchandiser
6. Bartender
7. Waitress
8. Abbotoir Employee
9. Graphic Designer
10. Photo Editor
11. Medical Receptionist
12. Usher
13. Optical Dispenser
14. Barista
15. Information Service Officer
16. Gallery Customer Service Officer
17. Usher
18. Data Entry
19. Babysitter
20. Face-painter
21. Tutor
22. Freelance Designer

22 Jobs in 22 years.

Time for a new one to add to that list... staying with Gallery/Eureka Centre/Her Majesty's, but looking for part time work to fill the gaps between that and freelance design. Phew.

And now I can't get Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" out of my head...

Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm not really saying much on this issue.

As much as I love Michael Jackson's music, I think a few issues have been kinda glossed over. For someone who has most likely molested children, he's being hailed as a God. This clip however, shows a man who's still a little boy. Very strange.

A weird day.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cute Clip.

New song from Sarah Blasko, with illustrations and animation by Melbourne based artist Celeste Potter. Sweet.

Crisp and Clean.

I'm desperate for a wardrobe upgrade, and am after a simple, classic starchy mens-style white button up shirt. Having trouble finding one in Ballarat! Timeless and instant style... gah. I need one of these!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Got the Blues.

Chills, Cold and Comfort.

Mix tape.

My housemate Helly and I made the most amazing mix tape for a friend last night, and I felt like sharing. Not all of these songs are on these artist's myspace profiles, but you'll get the idea.

1. Run Run Run - Phoenix

2. Phantom Other - Department of Eagles

3. Out the Airlock - Paul Dempsey

4. Blood - The Middle East

5. Babys - Bon Iver

6. All You Do Is Talk - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

7. Impossible Germany - Wilco

8. Sunrise - Yeasayer

9. I've Got Friends - Manchester Orchestra

10. The Minotaur - The Drones

11. Furr - Blitzen Trapper

12. Second Chance - Liam Finn

13. The Funeral - Band of Horses

14. Best Kept Secret - Jack Ladder

15. Rain on the Vein - Clinkerfield

16. Mystery Talks - Jim Ward

17. Place to Be - Nick Drake

18. Brother - Little Birdy

All are on high rotation on my ipod / computer at the moment!

Something to do..

Questionnaire stolen from Meg and J. I should really op-shop more. With my bank balance as it is at the moment, this is mildly depressing, haha.


What colour/s do you have far too much of?
Black for sure. I just can't seem to stay away from it, and while I was working hospitality and at the Art Gallery so much, it was versatile enough to wear pretty much all the time. I still can't stay away from a little black dress purchase.

What colour/s do you wish you had more of?
I'd love a red coat at the moment. Some more electric blue, perhaps (my favourite colour), and more cute floral prints.

What was the last thrifted thing you purchased?
Haven't been for a little while, possibly my new bag, pure leather and in perfect condition, from the Church oppy in Dana St.

Oh, and I managed to find a cream perfect length trench, complete with tags with original pricing of over $200, great buttons and fully lined... for only $5 from the Vinnies in Bridge Mall.

The last store purchase?
A pair of $2 earrings from Diva today. Wood and with a nice flower pattern, too cute and cheap to pass up!

The last swap?
Haven't done that in a while... my best mate and I swapped tops a little while back.

Do you buy clothes only when you have spare money, or do you put yourself into night terror debt to own the clothes you love?
A bit of both, really. Sometimes can't resist the impulse buy, but not working much at the moment makes me think about my purchases a bit more! I'm lucky enough though to not ever really spend too much on clothes, so when I do splurge, it doesn't hurt the bank balance as much.

What's you favorite colour combination?
Black and black, ha. I'm a fan of neutrals (creams, pinks, greys) with black at the moment. Oh, and navy and white is a classic.

A colour combination you'd never wear?
Orange and Red. With my colour hair, I'd end up looking so ranga people would have to wear sunglasses to shield their eyes from me.

Name five pieces of clothing in your wardrobe you wouldn't be without.
Black tights, Navy jeans, Winter boots, Converse high-tops and my black-any-occasion dress.

Name five pieces you've made it your mission in life to own.
A pair of black skinny leg jeans that make my legs look amazing, a red duffle coat, a classic white starchy shirt (actually on a mission at the moment to find one of these... any suggestions?), perfect tuxedo jacket and a white wedding dress made to perfection ;-) hehe.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Footy Fun.

Tim Rogers and his daughter, Ruby, courtesy of The Herald Sun website.

Sunday I had such a fun day at the Community Cup in Melbourne, watching the Espy Rockdogs win in a close match against the RRR Megahurtz. A day of beers, lots of kids and dogs running around, Kick-to-Kick, fun live sets from Kram and the Cosmic Psychos at Half-time, and lots of laughter. Musos trying to play sport was hilarious! Elsternwick Park was a great location for a huge crowd of supporters, and all for a good cause.

Tim Rogers and Kram - who played a set before the match, too.

From the organisers of the event : "We hoped for four or five (thousand people), and to get 6000 to 7000 in the middle of winter in Melbourne really showed what the Community Cup meant to Melburnians."

The Megahurtz cheerleaders. Too cute.

Fun times, reminded me so much of country footy matches from my home area.


My Friends Teagan and Cat and I hit up the new Main Bar on Saturday night for delicious drinks and pizza. Such a lovely venue, all cosy and snug, with amazing vintage decor. The booths were really comfy, and I loved the chairs hanging from the roof! Definetly a great place to share drinks and food and conversation.

Pumpkin and Salami pizzas... yum!

Will be going back for sure....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Girl Crush.

Alexa Chung is pretty.


My lack of posting over the past few days has been due to me actually getting some work - and upping the job hunt, without sacrificing my soul for the sake of a few shifts.

I'm dreaming of this at the moment :

Roadtrips, beaches, summer tunes, friends, cute flowers in hair and warmth and sunshine!

Little Joy are one of my favourite bands at the moment, so sweet and lovely.

As much as I love winter layers and red wine, I am already looking forward to the warmer months...

- Sophie

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Warmth and Wonder

Heat and Heartache. The Chills and Calm. Rose and Ric Rac.

To my dearest...

My lovely Nanna, who lives in South Australia, has recently moved from her family home and into a nursing home, and I have been lucky enough to be given some treasures from her house. Among some of the beautiful old bits and pieces are an amazing collection of postcards and old family photographs.

This cigarette tin and album are full of the most beautiful, delicate notecards and photographs, the detail in them are amazing. I'm fascinated by the precise handwriting and illustrations, and the fact that this was the way that people kept in contact.

They're so precious, I feel so lucky to be looking after them. What a wonderful source of inspiration.

Book to Movie.

The Time Traveller's Wife movie trailer, based on the original book by Audrey Niffenegger. One of my favourite books of all time, made into a movie. Eric Bana looks like a good fit for my beloved Henry.

Anyone else read this one?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday Wanderings.

Melbourne : Ok, so not so sunny.

Yesterday I had the lovely opportunity to spend the day wandering around Melbourne by myself in the sunshine. I had such a wonderful day, visiting a few galleries and generally soaking up all as much inspiration as possible in one day.

First up (after an epic train/bus/tram trek from my friend's house, and coffee and croissants on the way) was a look at a free exhibition at the State Library of Victoria

24 April 2009 - 25 October 2009

The Independent Type: Books and Writing in Victoria is a free exhibition that celebrates Victoria's rich and diverse written culture, highlighting the stories, the voices and the spirit of independence that have made our literature unique.

The exhibition examines a diversity of 'literatures' – the printed book, electronic media, the spoken word and even a possum-skin cloak. It looks into Victoria's thriving literary niches, including poetry, theatre, literary journals and 'zines, and children's literature from I Can Jump Puddles to Animalia. It explores every aspect of the world of books and writing, from booksellers and publishers to literary awards and festivals. It tells the stories of passionate and enterprising figures such as State Library founder Sir Redmond Barry, the eccentric EW Cole and his Book Arcade, independent publishers McPhee Gribble, and Lonely Planet founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler.

Fantastic exhibition, well worth it, and I really recommend doing the free ipod tour (either download off the website, or hire when you are there). I had fun trying to listen in to an education group going through (in a non-creepy way), cute kids talking about art and literature. Definitely what I want to be doing - how much fun would it be being an education officer/guide at a gallery or library?

ENGLAND, Dress c. 1816 (detail), cotton muslin, metal
145.0 cm (centre back); 80.0 cm (sleeve length)
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, The Schofield Collection
Purchased with the assistance of a special grant from the Government of Victoria, 1974

After the state library it was off to NGV International... I had every intention of going to see the Dali exhibition, but as the line was about an hour and a half long (opening weekend and all) I thought I'd save it for another day. Went and visited some of my favourite works, and spent a lot of time in the exhibition - beautiful dresses!

John Brack , Australia 1920–1999
Latin American Grand Final 1969
oil on canvas, 167.5 x 205.0 cm
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Purchased, 1981 © Helen Brack

After a bit of a wander around Federation Square and the Design Markets, I made my way to NGV Australia - The Ian Potter Gallery, and saw the Top Arts VCE exhibition (really impressive works from year 12 kids!) and the John Brack exhibition, which I had really been looking forward to. Well worth the price of admission, I didn't realise that his later works were such a deviation from his earlier style, and how extensive the retrospective would be. I tagged around with a tour group for a while, which was really informative, but as the space was so busy, I did my own thing for a while and tried to avoid the crowds.

All in all a fantastic, inspiring day. I've got to get down to galleries more often! Lucky that I work at one, so at least I get to see art on a regular basis, but days like yesterday make me wish that I had the opportunity to see exhibitions more often.

Coco and Pearls.

I'm seeing a little bit of a theme here... French inspired, much?

I can't wait for the Coco Chanel biopic to be released soon, the fashion alone will be worth it, not to mention one of my favourite actresses - Audrey Tautou - is playing Miss Chanel herself. Watch the trailer below (no subtitles.. but amazing style and cinematography).

Audrey has recently starred in a beautiful Chanel No5 Perfume advertisement, that makes me want to spritz a beautiful fragrance at the nape of my neck, and ride a vintage train.

And some photos of Coco Chanel's endlessly beautiful style, couresty of this site.

I really need to get out of my jeans and into a beautiful dress....

Secrets and the Internet

This impacted on me a lot, as a frequent visitor to Post Secret and other internet networking pages.

PS. Sorry for lack of blogs, been a bit busy lately... more coming soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Photos of Marilyn Monroe in the LIFE Magazine archives. Never published and before she was famous. Beautiful...

Yesterday would have been Norma Jeane Baker’s 83rd birthday.
(1 June 1926 - 5 August 1962).

My Room.

My bedroom is my sanctuary, my favourite place to hang out and create and rest.

Bobbi the cat is usually on my bed at the moment. Either she loves being around me when I'm sitting at my desk, or just soaks up the warmth like the selfish thing she is. Anyway, she's rather cute, and very soft!

Cupcake stands as jewellery holders...

An old door found underneath our house makes for a great inspiration pinboard. This is constantly changing, and a good indication of what sort of aesthetic I'm in love with at the moment.